Quantum simulation is a pillar of Quantum technologies overing a broad scope of topic, from ultracold atoms, photonic systems to condensed matter physics. It aims at developing controlled quantum devices governed by configurable Hamiltonians. Such devices can be exploited to solve many-body Hamiltonians beyond the possibilities of classical machines based on devices. There are now many examples of successful quantum simluation in and out of equilibrium in ultracold atoms, quantum optics, and condensed matter. Still these fields remain largely disperse and lack a common knowledge to share ideas and further develop. The aim of this Summer School to develop a community joining all these fields and train the next generation of promissing young researchers in the field of quantum simulation and, more generally, quantum technologies. Grouping together a diverse community as well as young and leading senior researchers, we expect a stimulating cross-fertilization of ideas, methods, and approaches, able to further develop this fields beyond the present frontiers. The summer school Quantum Simulation in Condensed Matter and AMO Physics will organized around 4 pedagogical lectures (4 times 1h30 each) and 4 advanced courses (3 times 1h each) on majors topics -- including Ultracold atoms, Photonic systems, Transport in condensed matter systems, Open quantum systems, Trapped ions, Superconducting circuits, Numerical methods for many-body systems, Topological matter -- and a number of topic seminars. The School primarily targets PhD students and post-docs in the field of Quantum Simulation and Quantum Technologies, as well as young researchers. All participants are encouraged to present a poster. Some of them will be selected to oral presentations.

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